Up close and personal with “the David”

April 28, 2008

…on Sunday morning, although we woke up bright and early at two am (as mentioned in the previous journal entry), we fell back to sleep until the alarm rang. We had to rush to make it to the Accademia where Luigi had made a reservation for a NO line up entry at 8L45.

On the way to the Accademia, as usual, we were directionally challenged and explored many little old Florence side streets, but we did manage to find our way, after asking three different Florentines for directions. (Roger, the GPS was trying to send us to Florence, Florida, USA).

We finally were able to view the REAL David. I was in awe of the size (17 feet) and the detail is amazing (Luigi is sitting here prompting me to say “and he looked a little bit like Luigi”….).

Michelangelo sure seemed to be one talented Roman (“just like Luigi”)! We spent a great deal of time looking at David from each angle…front and sides….when I went to the back of him…Luigi said “what are you looking at?”…I said…I am NOT coming all the way here and not seeing the David’s tush. After seeing the David, we did see some incredible paintings and more scuptures….and for a change (says Luigi) there were lots of naked women scultures. We had a discussion about A vs C cup sizes….not very intellectual conversation…but jet lag was definately setting in (wine was helping)..

An espresso, a pizza and a gelato later, we found the energy to climb 414 narrow steps up the bell tower (Campanile di Giotto) beside the Duomo. For someone who is height challenged, it was quite a feat, but the view from the top was amazing. We took many pictures, one which we have posted here. Unfortunately the Duomo was not open since it was Sunday. We were, however, able to see the Battisteria, which is one of the oldest buildings in Florence.

While wandering the streets of Florence, we discovered an outdoor market where Luigi was very patient and helpful in finding just the right purse (for me, that is). It is amazing how fast the prices drop once you indicate that you will pay cash….and with the help of Luigi’s Italian :)

A wonderful supper of risotto, spaghettini ai carciofi and carciofi trifolati at a little Trattoria ended a very full, but enjoyable day. I guess we impressed the owner/chef enough with our compliments on the meal…that five different flavored Grappa were set on our table to enjoy….no we did not sample all of them, but many……

We have not told you about today …… Palazzo Strozzi, more gelatos, more good food, more walking (LOTS!)…….but it is late…… Tomorrow we will be driving to Greve in Chianti and we don’t know how easy will be to find an internet connection …. Stay tuned…..

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