Our Agritourismo Poggio Asciutto

May 2, 2008

Here we are….staying in the Chianti region, near Greve in a Agritourismo called PoggioAsciutto (http://www.poggioasciutto.it/english/farmhouse.htm) …with Anne and Erik. It is run by a very interesting couple, Eva originally from Sweden and Massimo, from the Island of Elba. We are writing this in the cantina (wine cellar) on Massimo’s laptop!

Yesterday was spent exploring the region close to Greve…a beautiful villa, Vignamaggio, where the legend says Mona Lisa was born and Leonardo made the famous painting of her. It is now a hotel with amazing gardens…(where the movie “Much ado about nothing was made”) and amazing views from the balcony. Luigi, aka “Paparazzi” was busy with his new camera…in fact I took a picture of him taking pictures through the hedges….

After our picnic beside a vineyard, we drove via the dirt back roads (hoping it led to a main road at some point!) to Volpaia…what an enchanting town…it felt as though we had gone back in time.

The perfect day ended back at Poggio Asciutto (http://www.poggioasciutto.it/english/farmhouse.htm) where Eva and Massimo cooked a wonderful, Tuscan meal for us. Needless to say, we have not gotten used to the many courses.

We off again exploring in our rental car….it is a Renault Scenic…but when we picked it up in Florence, the rental agent told us it was a sheeen-ik’…..the Italian pronounciation!

It is a beautiful sunny day today….so….see you later!

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We visited Poggio Asciutto again in the fall of 2009 and put together a video of the Agritourism.  Check it out at (Added on January 18, 2010.  The video on Poggio Asciutto is done!  Check it out at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOnXbr0vJZM

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