May 9, 2008

Here we are….finally in Rome! We have had two busy days soaking in the history and culture of this 2700 year old city. (At this point I would LOVE to also soak my tired feet!)

With thanks to Marco and Mimosa, and the hospitality of Marco’s parents, we are staying in a beautiful little studio/penthouse in a 500 year old building constructed on top of a roman theatre which is 2000 years old (older than the Colosseum). From this location we can easily walk to all the ancient Roman monuments. We can drink wine and watch the sunset over Rome from the small balcony at the top of the building.

Yesterday we visited Castel Santangelo (a roman mausoleum built for the emperor Hadrian which was later turned into a castle by the Pope). Since we worked up an appetite, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant near the apartment building that Luigi’s grandparents once lived in. We started with Antipasti Misti….just for starters….we were presented with 12 different plates of various appetizers, from prociutto to grilled eggplants, zucchini, fresh mozzarella etc etc. I had a wonderful gnochi as the second course (or is that the 13th course)…Luigi had Boucatini alla matriciana.

In the afternoon, trying to digest all 13 courses, we walked to Vatican City and on the way there, just outside the Vatican City walls we stopped at the apartment building which Luigi lived in his early teens. While I decided to explore the entrance, we were approached by a guard….I am not sure he believed Luigi when he told him that he used to live there. The guard told us that only Cardinals live in that building now.

This morning we walked to Saint Peter’s Basilica, it is difficult to find words to describe its interior . We will post pictures of it soon.

The afternoon was spent wandering one of the many shopping areas and are now searching for more luggage space for a few more shirts, a pair of shoes and a very nice Italian made suit for Luigi. (I told him that I will have to carry a stick to beat off the women when he wears it!)

Our feet are sore, our throats are dry and the balcony is calling our name!

We will post new pictures of our travels in Rome shortly!

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