Of millenia old statues and “modern” open markets

May 11, 2008

Here we are two days later……..

Yesterday, after we uploaded the previous batch of pictures, we went for a walk towards Piazza Venezia and the Roman Forum.  However, since Rome has thousands of little fashion stores all over, our walk was frequently interrupted by shopping forrays……….

We did make it to half a way up the Monument to the Unknown Soldier (see the last batch of pictures) and looked over millenia of civilazion.

The highlight of the day, hoewever, was indeed the Musei Capitolini.  Luigi thinks it is way superior to the Vatican Museums.  The Musei Capitolini has a huge collection of roman sculptures and statues many predating 400 BC….. just incredible.  Nancy was fascinated by the shoe style of ancient roman and goddesses, but also loved the statues and decorations that the romans used in their gardens (Hortii).  We were both fascinated by the level of detail expressed by older civilization in their work.  It should be also noted that these incredible riches were shown in buildings that date back to 1471 and built over older roman structures…….We talk about the museum in our www.memoriesofitaly.com website…..

Afterwards… we “needed” to see the Colosseum at night although Nancy’s feet were really sore (about 10 hours of straight walking….)

The layers and layers of humanity as expressed by structures and architeture in the cuty is overwhelming and somewhat humbling…..

Today, we decided to explore the famous Porta Portese market.  Luigi had been there many times before…… this was a first for Nancy….. a few pieces of clothing, a few pieces for the Saltair home, and one leather jacket later……. we finally made it out and had a nice sidewalk cafe’ lunch of risotto, bruschetta (the real one). etc.   That called for a late “siesta”, the first for us in Rome, and a late night walk through Rome that does not seem to go to sleep at all……

We have two more days here and indeed we need to look for a new suitcase….

A “thank you” to all of you who have posted some comment to our Journals and pictures.  We are happy you are enjoying them.

Goodnight from ROME

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